Candles & Lanterns for Peace Light

Every year one of the big questions that comes up for people sharing or obtaining the Peace Light is what candles or lanterns should I use? 

Just like anything, picking the right candle or lantern depends on your need and budget.

Oil Lanterns: Oil lanterns are good for transporting the flame long distances and maintaining light during long ceremonies.  They have a strong reliable flame source.  The cost of a lantern can run from $20 to $40.  If you want the oil lantern to stay lit continuously for a day or two, make sure to buy a lantern with a large oil tank.  Oil lanterns make a great centerpiece for a ceremony, and if they have a hurricane globe glass, they can normally open easily at the bottom to transfer a flame from the lantern to other peoples flame source (candle/lantern), such as at a Christmas Eve candlelight service.  It is highly recommended to use a Liquid Paraffin or other smokeless alternative Kerosene fuels in your lanterns. 

Candle Lanterns: The UCO candle lanterns are a convenient and reliable method of transporting a Peace Light flame for a few hours.  The UCO lantern has a sturdy metal frame and a glass chimney.  To light the candle you slide the glass chimney down and light the exposed candle wick. As the candle burns, the spring-powered tube pushes the candle up for a reliable, constant flame. If you place the small candle lantern inside a stainless steel coffee mug, they will fit nicely in the cup holder of a car/SUV, so it makes it convenient to travel with them. 

Vigil Candles: Vigil candles, sometimes called prayer or church candles are inexpensive, great for sharing a light person-to-person, and taking the Light home from a church or scouting ceremony.  They fit nicely in the cup holder of a car/SUV, so it makes it convenient to travel with them.  Vigil candles will burn a day or two at home.  Biggest caution, once the candle has burned an hour or two, the top of wax becomes liquid.  Once theres a layer of wax liquid built up, and you move the candle around much, it could extinguish the flame.  

Sanctuary Candles: Sanctuary Candles are great for maintaining the Light for many days.  Different church denominations use these candles in the sanctuaries to keep a light burning 24/7/365.  You can buy Sanctuary Candles in different heights, that will last for different amounts of days, for example 5 day, 7 day, 8 day, and 14 day.  Yes, they really do last for a long number of days.  They are available in small numbers online at Amazon and in bulk at church supply houses.  Local church supply stores in large cities probably stock these too. They are more expensive than a vigil candle, but will last longer per candle.  Like with the vigil candles, they are convenient to travel short trips from a ceremony to home, in a car/SUV cup holder; and you must use caution once there is wax liquid built up, so you dont extinguish the flame. 

Candles for sharing: Questions from Facebook include - Tonight is the first time Ill be sharing the Peace Light with my Pack. I dont think every Scout will bring a lantern or candle to take the light home with them. Should I bring candles for them to light anyway? How have others done it? Facebook response - We do the dollar store tall prayer candles as well; we give them away after Mass the same weekend as we have our ceremony; they aren't the greatest candle but have worked well for us the last 3 years Another response I always take small candles with me, like the ones used in candlelight services at church. Theyre readily available and pretty affordable at Hobby Lobby.

Carriers: It is recommended everyone use some sort of carrier to safely move the Peace Light if they are using an oil lantern or large candles.  On our Handling of Oil Lamps and Candles page are instructions on building a carrier for an oil lantern.

Gas Light Fixture: People and organizations that are Keepers of the Light use a variety of methods to keep the flame going year round, including gas light fixtures, plus pilot lights on stoves & heaters.  Gas light fixtures are sometimes sold and installed by gas and propane companies to their customers.  You can also purchase gas light fixtures from specialty stores and manufacturers, and have your gas company or a plumber install them. Gas light fixtures provide a reliable safe continuous flame at a home, church, or business, but cant be transported.

Extreme care needs to be taken when transporting this flame from one location to another location in a moving vehicle.

None of the products listed below are official recommendations or are sponsored.

ProductMake/ModelPurchased FromComments
UCO CandlesOriginal Candle
Also, available on
Best for travelling in an enclosed vehicle (no fumes, one candle will burn 9 hours) for shorter trips
Tall vigil, devotional, or church candles-Available in grocery stores, Target, and Dollar Stores. $1-$2 each.Commonly available.
Fit perfectly in a car cup holder.
Can go out if the melted wax is sloshed onto the flame.
Candle Light ServiceSmall candles used for groups, for a candlelight service or
Local hobby stores
Local church supply stores
Small 4 candles
Passed out a candle light services to groups of people
Buy them in bulk, 100, 125, 250 per box
Recommend buying paper/cardboard drip catchers for candles, if they are not included in the purchase.
5 Day Sanctuary Candles in Glass5 to 7 Day White Sanctuary Candle 3 Pack, Clear Glass, Paraffin Wax Novena Vigil spellAmazon.comAlso available from
14 Day Sanctuary Candle in
Buy in bulk from church supply warehouse
8 Day Sanctuary Candle in Glass-ChurchSupplies.comBuy in bulk
5 Day Offering Candles in Glass-ChurchSupplies.comBuy in bulk
Oil Lantern - variousDietz
Also, available on
Various brands and sizes.
Watch out for small tanks if you want the lantern to burn for long hours.
Replacement wicks will be needed from time to time. The same stores and websites that sell lanterns normally sell replacement wicks and repair parts.
Oil Lanterns - variousFeuerhand Hurricane Lantern German MadeVermont LanternsHurricane lamps are good for opening to flame, to share

Oil Lanterns - various

Galvanized lanternsW. T. Kirkman LanternsPremier tubular lantern manufacturer & distributor in North America.  Some very large sizes.
Protector lamps - Miners lamps from EnglandProtector lampsProtectorLamp.comMore frequently seen in Europe.
Used to transport open flame on airlines.
Were specially designed years ago to use in coal mines to reduce risk from explosions.
Less convenient to open to transfer a flame.
Weems & Plath Yacht Oil LampWeems & Plath Yacht Oil Lamp (Brass)Amazon.comSpecial design lamp to minimize explosions (miner). Similar to the Protector lamp.
Less convenient to open to transfer a flame.
Liquid Paraffin (Oil for lantern)-ChurchSupplies.comSmokeless
Liquid Paraffin (Oil for lantern)Ultra Pure Clear Lamp OilVermont Lanterns-
Lamp Oil - Odorless Kerosene Alternative Heater FuelKlean-heatHome Depot-
Lamp Oil - clean fuelGenuine Aladdin Lamp OilVermont Lanterns-
Lamp OilFirefly Kosher Clean Fuel Lamp OilFirefly Kosher Clean Fuel Lamp Oil
Superior alternative to paraffin lamp oil.  Odorless, sootless, and smokeless.
Gas LampsBevolo Gas Lights
Carolina Lanterns
Carolina Lanterns
Permanently mounted in a home, business, or church.
Wall mount and post mount.
Brass Oil Lantern - designed after ships lantern.Brass Cargo Lamp 15"Vermont LanternsThe oil lamp is inside a large brass/glass lantern. When you open the top of the lantern, you can take out the oil lamp via wire guides. Nice quality. It does add some protection if using it to transport, because of design (lamp inside a lantern).

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