Get Involved

The Peace Light movement is growing every year and in order to share the Light across North America more individuals and organizations are needed.

Are you a person that wants to obtain the Peace Light for your area?  Join Us!

Does your organization use the Peace Light in a service or ceremony?  Join Us!

Do you or your organization want to share light in your area? Join Us!

By joining you will be connected with other people and organizations near you that want to share Light.  With your help, the Peace Light can be shared with every town, church, Scout group, hospital, family, and person in North America.  There is no annual fee to join.

Some people and organizations are Keepers of the Light.  They keep the Peace Light burning year-round ready to share with others.  When someone is interested in having the Peace Light for their special event or just in their home - a Keeper of the Light in their area is ready to share.

Individual membership: We encourage people/families that regularly use, or plan to use the Peace Light in North America to join

Organizational membership: We encourage organizations that regularly use, or plan to use the Peace Light in North America to join.  Your support will help share the Light in your area to:

  • Churches
  • Church affiliated organizations
  • Scouting organizations
  • Businesses
  • Healthcare sites
  • Government offices 

If you are planning a public event that involves Peace Light in North America, please consider adding your special occasion to our  event calendar.

If you are interested in helping to move the Peace Light across North America, state-to-state, please see maps and forms for the Path of Light.

Share the Love.  Spread the Light!