Peace Light Patches

2021 Peace Light Patches

Inspired by people around the world who share the Peace Light's message of peace and friendship.

The patches are 4" round and include a button loop.

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Patches are $5 each.

Proceeds benefit BSA's World Friendship Fund which helps Scouting associations in other countries to strengthen and extend their Scouting programs.

Each year since 2017, a volunteer designs and markets a custom commemorative patch for the International Peace Light.  Proceeds from the sale benefit a nonprofit that supports Scouting.

The project began as a fundraiser for the World Friendship Fund as a requirement for the International Scouter‘s Award, and has been far more successful than ever imagined.  The initial goal was to sell 50 patches; sales the first year topped 1000 and the program has continued to grow.

The patches are available only for a limited time.  Sales usually open in the autumn, a few weeks before the Peace Light reaches North America, and continue a bit into the New Year.